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Geometric tiles
Geometric tiles
Geometric tiles
Geometric tiles
Queen Victoria

The Victorians used Linseed oil and bee's wax that was usually applied daily by a maid to enhance the colours of the tiles. With the demise of maids and the introduction of carpets many floors became ingrained with dirt and other stains, for instance paint splashes.

Restoration of the tiles to their former glory can be achieved by using a liquid paint stripper to strip away any surface finishes. The floor should then be machine washed with an alkali detergent solution and in most cases a mild acid may be required to remove any ground in dirt. After rinsing with clean water, an acrylic sealant should be applied to protect the surface and enhance the colours of the tiles.

Depending on the amount of traffic over the floor and aftercare, the floor should then not need to be stripped and sealed for 12 to 18 months.

We offer a full cleaning service with after care products.

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